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24, almost famous, black irish, dressing like a hobo, er, gentlemen broncos, kristen stewart, lords of dogtown, man in the chair, michael angarano, nikki reed, plaid shirts, sky high, speak, summerland, the final season, the forbidden kingdom, twilight, will & grace
a fan community for michael angarano
Welcome to your best Michael Angarano community! AngaranoDaily is a community for fans to post anything related to Michael, his projects, or career. That means: news, icons, fanmixes, wallpapers, graphics, and pictures. Make yourselves at home.
If you have any questions/concerns, please direct them to the Page-A-Mod post here, or PM a Mod directly. Please no flames, no bashing, no unnecessary drama, no hotlinking. LJ cuts are your friend. Follow those rules and we'll get along famously.

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We are the official livejournal community for Michael Angarano Source.
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