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New project for Michael!

Michael Angarano will star in a CBS comedy pilot from The Muppets' writer/producer Nick Stoller, TV Guide.com has confirmed.

Angarano, who co-stars in the new action film Haywire, is set to play Jake, a 20-something ad agency exec who breaks up with his girlfriend but is still forced to work alongside her.

The pilot is written and directed by Stoller and is loosely based on his life.
The 24-year-old Angarano, whose casting was first reported by Deadline, has also appeared in Will & Grace, and the film Almost Famous.

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Jesse: Columbus

Michael Angarano Talks ‘Ceremony,’ Working With Kevin Smith & Steven Soderbergh

23-year-old actor Michael Angarano is more than just a face in the crowd of thirty-odd young studs that crops up whenever a new superhero or tween franchise is announced. After turning heads with minor roles in “Almost Famous” and “Seabiscuit,” the Brooklyn-born thesp eventually graduated to lead roles in homegrown superhero flick “Sky High” and eccentric Jared Hess movie “Gentleman Broncos.” However, nothing prepared anyone for his transformative comedic turn in “Ceremony,” which saw Angarano playing Sam, a manic and insecure children’s author who has seen a few too many Wes Anderson movies and read maybe a bit too much J.D. Salinger.

Max Winkler’s debut follows this character as he infiltrates the wedding of former a former crush (Uma Thurman), an older woman he’s been pining for, whom he also believes to be his soul mate. Trying his damnedest to stop the wedding, he eventually comes to terms with the fact that he’s hiding behind a cool facade, and in his self-serving pursuits he’s making everyone around him miserable. The movie also stars Jake Johnson, Lee Pace, and Reece Thompson.

Earlier this week The Playlist was lucky enough to chat with the actor about the film and a few other projects he’s been a part of, and here are six things we learned from that discussion. “Ceremony” is currently in limited theatrical release or you can watch it now On Demand.

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SOTL: Quid pro quo

Michael Angarano on the making of Ceremony

Ceremony hits our sweet spot: young, hip director makes low-budget movie about misguided love, starring young, hip actors and Uma Thurman. We’ve been on this picture like a model on a scale, publishing interviews with its director, Max Winkler, and with one of its stars, Reece Thompson. Here, in the final installment of our informal, fanboy Ceremony series, another of the film’s stars, Michael Angarano, talks about Jesse Eisenberg, catharsis, and making movies in your 20s.

How did you get involved with the film?
I met with Max, read the script, and thought it was a very unconventional type of romantic comedy. It was very well written and very witty, and reminded me of a Billy Wilder movie or something. Originally I was going to play Marshall, and when Jesse Eisenberg had to drop out I spoke with Max and we thought I was kind of in the right place to play Sam.

It would have been such a different movie had Jesse been in it.
Yeah, Jesse’s amazing, I think he’s one of the best actors of our generation and it’s just so interesting to think about what it could have turned out to be.

Could you relate to your character?
Sam was 23 years old and Max wrote it when he was 23 and I was 21. It’s that time in your life when you feel so impressionable by everything around you—the latest book you read, or the latest movie you see, basically defines your wardrobe or how you talk the next day. Sam has this utterly romanticized idea of love and life, and imagines himself to be a Cary Grant or a character out of some old movie, and he’s just not that guy. His references kind of build him up to be this person he’s not, especially with the woman he loves.

My favorite thing was watching Sam go from pompous to a really deconstructed mess.
It’s so obvious he’s not that guy. He’s really just overly sensitive, and very insecure and deeply flawed, and that’s his realization, and it takes a smack in the face by the woman he loves to realize that this is not reality. What I do relate to is Sam’s idea of love, really. I think this is the question that the movie poses: Is Sam’s love for Zoe the right kind of love? It’s kind of unbridled, unmitigated, unconditional puppy love that’s completely untainted by real life. Is that real love?

What was it like working with Max?
This whole experience has been so personal and cathartic for both of us, it was like a therapy session. He wrote it in a stage of heartbreak, and I acted in it in a stage of heartbreak. It’s just two young guys coming together and creating art, and channeling their emotions in art.

Do you ever want to make your own films?
I’ve always said that that’s a goal of mine. My idols in life are Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and the Marx Brothers, people that really kind of create themselves and then manifest it on the big screen. Watching Max, such a young guy write and direct something, it was incredibly inspiring.

This is the first time a lot of audiences are seeing you as an adult. Is that something that was important to you?
I hadn’t worked for about a year and a half before this movie, and I felt like a completely different person, like a young adult and that’s what it is. So I was dealing with all these issues and it felt natural. I’m excited for people to see it because I do feel that it’s different from things that I’ve done.


SOTL: Clarice

Michael Angarano credits his New York roots to his firm grasp on Hollywood life

Michael Angarano really likes pizza.

But not just any pizza. The 23-year-old actor, who stars alongside Uma Thurman in the recently released film “Ceremony,” loves the thick, square Sicilian pies from L&B Spumoni Gardens on 86th St. in Gravesend, Brooklyn.

“This pizza makes you hungrier the more you eat,” says the baby-faced Brooklyn native as he polishes off his third piece. “They just make it so good. The cheese is underneath the pasta sauce and the crust is like butter when it comes out of the oven. You can’t find pizza like this in L.A.”

Which is why Angarano is so happy to be back near his old neighborhood, where his mother runs the Reflections in Dance studio on Bath Ave.

“I was born in Bensonhurst and raised in Staten Island,” he says between bites. “I moved out to California when I was 12, but I still consider myself a New Yorker. I root for the Mets. What could be more New York than that?”

This New York background helped Angarano — who has also appeared in a wide variety of movies including “Almost Famous,” “Lords of Dogtown” and “Seabiscuit” — with the role of Sam, a lovesick Brooklyn kid who fools his best friend into helping him break up a wedding in the Hamptons to regain the love of Zoe, played by Uma Thurman.

“Because I’m a New Yorker at heart, I understand where the character of Sam comes from,” he says. “He is not from the Hamptons. He is poor and unsuccessful and he probably has a studio that he’s three months late paying the rent on.”


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