SOTL: Quid pro quo

Michael Angarano's Myspace Questionnaire

Michael Angarano has been around for awhile. He's been on about 20 shows and in almost 30 films including 'Almost Famous,' 'Seabiscuit,' 'Lords of Dogtown,' 'Sky High,' 'Gentlemen Broncos,' the Sundance controversy stirring Kevin Smith film, 'Red State,' and another Sundance hit 'Homework.'

Michael is a tremendously talented young actor who has been working steadily since the age of 8 age of 3 (see questionnaire!!!) and if you're not yet familiar with his work now is the time to acquaint yourself with him. The 23-year-old is going toe-to-toe with Academy Award nominated Uma Thurman, as her love interest in 'Ceremony.' We have more on the film (photos, synopsis, trailer down below), but we wanted you to get to know him via our Myspace Questionnaire. Collapse )
SOTL: Quid pro quo

Exclusive Q&A: 'Ceremony' Star Michael Angarano Insists Tights Are Masculine

Robert Pattinson hasn't always been Kristen Stewart's leading man.

Long before she even considered moving to the small town of Forks, she was supported from a messy trauma by Michael Angarano in "Speak." The two young stars eventually dated and, well, you know at least half of that story.

As for the other half, Angarano appears to be doing just as fine. He stars in "Ceremony," out this weekend, as well as "Red State," "Homework" and "Haywire" later this year. Upon meeting him backstage at MTV's "The Seven," he comes off excited, inspired and even a little goofy.

And we absolutely understand what K.Stew saw in him.

Your character in "Ceremony," Sam, is a bit of a man-child who tries to prove he's a big shot in an attempt to woo Uma Thurman's character. And he talks really fast. Did you ever find him annoying?
To judge him in any way is very wrong in my point of view. I just looked at him as a very flawed, manically insecure guy whose having an identity crisis of some kind, whose been bulls**tting himself for so long that he doesn't realize that he's bullsh**ting other people too. He's fooling himself but not really anybody else. If anything, I really felt for him instead of finding him annoying. The more annoying he is, the more upsetting it is.
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SOTL: Quid pro quo

Michael Angarano on his new film, ‘Ceremony’

You can listen to the podcast here. Or read the transcript below.

For over a year, Michael Angarano was supposed to play the role of the best friend opposite lead Jesse Eisenberg in Max Winkler’s debut film, Ceremony. But when Eisenberg dropped out due to scheduling issues, Winkler quickly cast Michael as Sam, in the coming-of-age film.

Michael’s career has been hot lately. He can be seen in Kevin Smith’s new film, Red State and just wrapped Steven Soderbergh‘s Haywire (opposite Michael Douglas, Channing Tatum and Ewan McGregor) and Homework (with Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore).

Right before SXSW, I talked to Michael about the film, his role and how the year-long rehearsal process of the movie felt like a theater workshop.

Tell me about your role of the film.

Michael Angarano: My character is Sam Davis, he is a 23-year-old children’s book writer with very unsuccessful, he’s unpublished. And he is in love with an older woman played by Uma Thurman and the movie is about Sam trying to stop Uma from getting married and running off away with Sam, which is a very kind of grandiose idea of life.

But I think it just represents the kind of person Sam is. He’s a very impressionable, very romanticized young guy who really hasn’t found himself yet and that’s what the movie is. Max puts it really well, a coming of age story in reverse about a man discovering he is a boy. A boy discovering he is a boy and so – yeah that’s really – it’s kind of Sam in a nutshell I guess.

You were originally cast in a different part. How did you get your original role, just through the initial casting process?

Michael Angarano: Yeah, I had met Max through our agent and we went to dinner, had a great conversation. The script was one of the best scripts I’ve ever read. I was gonna play Marshall who Reece Thompson plays in the film and for about a year and a half, Jesse Eisenberg and I would rehearse with Max and so by the time the movie came around and it was all systems go to film, Jesse dropped out and Max and I decided that it would be interesting to try and switch it up and see if I can play Sam. So, that’s kind of how it happened but originally it was Marshall.

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SOTL: Quid pro quo

New Ceremony Clip!

In this exclusive clip from one of the year's most surprisingly charming and utterly ingenious films, the audience meets Lee's character Whit for the first time immediately after his fiancee Zoe (Uma Thurman) discovers her ex-boyfriend Sam (Michael Angarano, in a star-making performance) has crashed their wedding.

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Lee Pace talks about Mike

There's quite a wonderful ensemble here, with Uma Thurman, Rebecca Mader, and Michael Angarano delivers such a wonderful performance in this. Can you talk a bit about the vibe on the set and getting the chance to work with these actors?
Lee Pace: We had a really good time. We actually stayed at that house. We all got along super well, but watching Michael, in particular, work on his character, was a real treat. We've never really seen him play someone like this. His whole physicality changed. From beginning to the end, he took on a persona that was just really exciting to watch. His posture changed, the way he joked changed, that arrogant know-it-all that Sam is. Michael is not that. He's a sensitive, sweet, kind person and Sam is kind of a, well, dickhead (Laughs). He's fun to work with. That scene in the buggy, we had the most fun shooting that scene.

Yeah, that's a great scene.
Lee Pace: Yeah. We got there and the buggy didn't work on sand, so we couldn't drive it. That was Max's idea, that we'd be driving in the whole scene.
So we shot the entire scene, once, outside the buggy and then they got the buggy working by lunch. So, after lunch, we decided to try and drive, except the tide had come in and there was only about eight feet of shoreline to shoot it on, and it was continuing to come in, so we only had about three or four runs at it. I learned how to drive that nutty little go-cart, they strapped a camera to the front of the hood and we did it a few times, and that was that. It turned out pretty good. I figured that, in the edit, it would be one or the other, but Max figured out a way to do both.

My friend used to have one of those things. They're a lot of fun.
Lee Pace: Yeah, totally fun, but I was driving so I could have killed us both (Laughs). I wanted to get the shot and I thought it was fun with the driving, but there are these big metal spikes that we were trying to drive through and with the ocean right there, if we would have skidded off into it...
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